Test 101

Monthly Test

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A. Vocabulary:
Choose the correct answers.

“I can’t_____my passport. Have you seen it?”

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“The weather is_____-today. Let’s stay inside.”

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The man_____the basketball into the air.

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Every year, many_____travel to Paris to visit its famous places.

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Masa put the pot on the_____to warm it up.

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It might rain today, so bring your_____

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They live two kilometers_____from the train station.

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You must have a_____to drive a car.

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It was_____outside so we could not see well.

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“It’s a_____that Peter can’t come to the party. I wanted to see him.”

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B. Grammar:
Choose the correct answers.


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_____this magazine before?

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This is our new teacher._____name is Mark.

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She_____the newspaper every day.

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Is Mont Blanc_____mountain in Europe?

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British people_____tea with milk.

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_____you like Chinese food?

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It’s my_____computer.

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Could we_____the bill, please?

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The people_____in room 12.

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It’s ten_____seven.

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I_____to classical music.

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Would you like_____coffee?

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I haven’t_____this photo before.

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I can’t see. Where are my_____?

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C. Listening:
Listening 1: Listen to someone booking a table in a restaurant.

Task 1
Choose the best answers.

When is the table booked for?

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When the woman says, ‘About eight, eight thirty’, what does she mean?

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What time is the first booking?

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How do you spell the person’s name?

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Where will the table be now?

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What time is the new booking?

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Task 2

Listen again and choose the answer that has the right number order to put the questions in the same order as the telephone calls. ( Chọn đáp án có sắp xếp các câu hỏi theo đúng thứ tự trong bài nghe. Ví dụ: 3-2-4-1-6)

_____1. Is it possible to change the time?
_____2. What time would you like?
_____3. How many people is it for?
_____4. Can I make it for six people?
_____5. Can I book a table for tomorrow night?
_____6. Is eight OK for you?

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Listening 2: Listen to a conversation about the university library.

Answer the questions from 33 to 40 by writing the answer in the boxes below the questions. The answer words are in the boxes" (điền vào chỗ trống bằng các từ được gợi ý trong hộp trả lời. Lưu ý: từ câu 33 tới câu 40 có liên kết với nhau, nên sẽ không trùng đáp án.)

The big building is the_____theatre.

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The library is next to the registration_____.

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You need a library_____if you want to borrow books.

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You can take out_____books.

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You can keep library books for_____weeks.

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For every late day, you have to pay_____pence.

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Mobile phones must be switched_____and you cannot have_____or drink.

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Please speak_____in the library.

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D. Reading:

Holiday home adverts

City flat
Beautiful two-bedroom city flat five minutes’ walk from the cathedral. Fully equipped kitchen, living room with a large sofa and chairs, big TV and balcony. The balcony has space for four people to sit and gets the sun in the mornings, and the flat is light and warm. It has Wi-Fi and fast internet. The upstairs bedroom sleeps four people, with two double beds; the downstairs bedroom sleeps two in single beds. The flat is perfect for families and is near shops, bars and restaurants.
Four-bedroom farmhouse in the countryside. All of the four double bedrooms are en suite with luxury shower and bath. Farm kitchen with barbecue, tables and chairs outside. Great for groups of friends. The supermarket is half an hour by car and you can take a train from the village into the city. Escape from normal life for a few days as we have … NO INTERNET and you can only use mobile phones at the bottom of the garden!

Task 1
Answer the questions from 41 to 48 by writing the answer in the boxes below the questions. The answer words are in the boxes" (điền vào chỗ trống bằng các từ được gợi ý trong hộp trả lời. Lưu ý: từ câu 41 tới câu 48 có liên kết với nhau, nên sẽ không trùng đáp án.)

The_____in the flat has everything you need.

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Four people can sit on the_____at the flat.

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The single beds are in the bedroom_____.

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_____will love the flat.

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At the farmhouse, you can have a barbecue_____.

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It takes_____minutes to drive to the supermarket.

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If you want to go to the city, you can take a_____.

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You can only use mobile phones in the_____.

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